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Downtown Menu


Freshly made flour tortilla filled with cheese and your choice of marinated and grilled meats or veggies

Mix two meats $2.55 extra

Comes with choice of salsa or sour cream

Chicken Quesadilla


Steak Quesadilla


Barbacoa Quesadilla


Saeasoned Beef Quesadilla


Sauteed Veggies Quesadilla


Cheese Only Quesadilla



Two tacos, freshly made flour or corn tortilla.

With your choice of: meat or veggies, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, salsa, sour cream

We charge for any extra toppings

Chicken Tacos


Blackened Fish Tacos


Sauteed Veggies Tacos


Steak Tacos


Seasoned Beef Tacos


Barbacoa Tacos



A freshly made flour tortilla filled with your choice of marinated and grilled meats or veggies.

Choose your filling from different items

Mix two meats $2.55 extra | fish $3.95 extra | sauteed veggies $1.75 extra

If tortilla is not your thing, burrito in a bowl

Chicken Burrito


Sauteed Veggies Burrito


Seasoned Beef Burrito


Steak Burrito


Blackened Fish Burrito


Barbacoa Burrito



All salads served in homemade tortilla shells

Chicken Salad


Seasoned Beef Salad


Fernando's Favorites



Freshly made chips

With your choice of: seasoned beef or chicken, refried beans, queso, lettuce, pico de gallo, salsa, sour cream

Substitute steak or barbacoa for $2.55


Small Queso






Chips & Guacamole


Chips & Queso


Chips & Salsa


Small Guacamole


Small Salsa




Extra Cheese


Large Tortilla


Small Tortilla


Jarritos Soda


Bottled 20oz